Company Introduction

Min Yuen, Your Innovative and Responsible Supply Chain Partner

Min Yuen Rubbery Elastics, Your Accessory Our Profession

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Min Yuen Rubber was established in May 1978, located in central Taiwan.

Over 35 years, our company has grown to be one of the leading and largest rubbery elastic manufacturers in Asia. We produce a wide range of rubbery products at high grade quality and customization. Our rubbery products are widely applied in a variety of consumer and products such as Textiles, Garments (Swimwear), Medical and Industrial products.

We are committed to satisfying each and every one of our customer requirements and beyond. We supply accessory parts essential to our customer unique and distinguished products, we care and we share our customer values. It has always been Min Yuen Rubber's code of practice to be a responsible manufacturer in supplying our customers with quality elastic products, genuine service and continuous innovation.

Vision & Values


Consistent commitment to our customers - Long term cooperative partnership


Innovative product development to serve customer requirements and beyond customer expectations


Sustainable management to grow with our customers, community and environment.

Whenever you need flexible elastic accessory,
you find Min Yuen rubbery suitable for your products.

Min Yuen Rubber products are recognized and found in many global leading brands.

With our passionate and professional team, together we deliver our quality products and trustworthy services to your hands.

Whether it is for your home textile coverings, your leisure activity apparels, your protective respirator masks, your medical accessories, your food packaging, your household gas tubes, your workplace protection wear, we hope our diversified rubbery products can facilitate your usage with best comfort, performance, and reliability.