Success Cases

1.Ribbed/Textured Rubber Tape for Textiles

Min Yuen Rubber successfully acquired facilities from the world largest Ribbed Rubber Tape manufacturer and transferred the technologies to Min Yuen Rubber. With our successful cooperation with the Italian manufacturer, Min Yuen Rubber offers high quality ribbed rubber tape to our customers for many well-known textile and apparel brands with reasonable price and flexible delivery.

Advantages of Ribbed Rubber Tape for Sewing onto Textiles

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2.Oil and Heat Resistant Rubber Thread for Gas Tubes

Min Yuen Rubber helped a British client developed a special type of rubber thread compound that is oil and weather resistant (-30℃ to 60℃) for gas tube sealing. Its formulation was designed with the best fitting elasticity to not only wrap tightly around the gas tube with high durability but also oil and severe weather temperature resistance for safer performance.

3.Flame Retardant Ribbed Rubber Strips/Tapes for Protective wear

Min Yuen Rubber developed a flame resistant compound for the rubber tape in ribbed surface to be used in fire respirator mask, goggles, and textile coverings for Aviation industry (airbus). With the flame resistant compound the fire extinguish within 1 second without melting or dripping and thus a safe rubber accessory for many industrial and safety protection products.

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4.Latex-Free Ribbon Bonded Rubber Thread with Best Comfort

Min Yuen Rubber has developed a special compound for one of the largest respirator mask manufacturer by using latex-free rubber material in ribbon bonded thread form. This allows clients to have easy and efficient machine sewing, with the best stretching elasticity for fastening as well as comfort to the user after long hours.

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5.Latex-Free Food-Grade Heat Resistance Ribbon Thread for Packaging

Min Yuen Rubber has developed a special compound for food packaging product line. It is designed with special bonding technology to allow for best stretching and packing performance and resistance to high heat in the oven.

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6.Special Rubber Band for Waist and Spinal Protection

Min Yuen Rubber has successfully assisted one of the leading Sports and Rehab Therapy Protector Manufacturers to develop a special waist band with pure and high quality rubber material. This product is exported mainly to Japan market with high recognition in waist and spine protection results.

7.Special Compound Adjustments for Rubber Tape in Swimwear

Right before REACH and other regulations were announced, Min Yuen Rubber has already been working closely with one of the world largest Swimwear manufacturers in adjusting and refining our formulations in order to meet many European and American requirements for Swimwear textiles. Even when we face price competitions, we never compromise our quality for cheaper and low quality standard raw materials and chemicals.

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Throughout these years,

we have successfully developed a safer, more suitable elasticity performance compound for our clients. We cherish each and every opportunity our client has given us to improve and serve better to people using our products.